Bella Casa Chandelier

Maria Theresa Chandeliers are a type of crystal chandelier. And they have a lot of  outstanding details. Additionally, crystal embellishments are emphasised on these Bella casa chandeliers. 

Maria Theresa chandeliers originated in Austria, during Marie Antoinette’s mother’s court. The Maria Theresa chandelier is as essential today as it was in the past, whether it be traditional or modern.

Maria Theresa  – Bella casa-  Chandeliers 

The great thing about Bella casa chandeliers is that they can be used in both classic and modern settings. The crystal chandelier is something I prefer to think of as a neutral element. That is to say, it may be used with both traditional wood and modern glass furniture. Bella casa fixtures go nicely with leather and abstract patterned materials. The most essential thing to remember is that the room’s décor should be simple. As a result, the chandelier might be the room’s main point. Traditional Maria Theresa chandeliers are best suited to formal dining rooms, foyers, and master bedrooms.

Shining crystal !

Let’s move on to the crystal part. Bella Casa chandeliers inlaid with one of the purest types of crystal in the world, Asfour Crystal. The origin of this crystal goes back to Egypt. They were the first to turn the golden desert sands into very pure and luxurious crystal pieces.

The use of crystal Asfour in the Bella Casa chandelier adds a touch of glamor that catches the eye, This chandelier will draw a painting on the ceiling by the light from the chandelier lamps.

Does Maria Theresa fit the twenty-first century? 

Certainly, although Maria Theresa chandeliers take on the ancient classic character, this does not prevent this chandelier from being a masterpiece of art to this day.

And all this thanks to several things, first, the appearance of luxury and sophistication that prevails everywhere in which this chandelier is, secondly, this chandelier is available in many different sizes and multiple dimensions to suit all the spaces that come to your mind.

In addition to the fact that the chandelier is available in multiple colours, this diversity will never make you feel that the chandelier is the same and repeated everywhere.

The Bella Casa chandelier from the Maria Theresa Collection is available at Crystal Palace. They are available in many different sizes, dimensions and number of lamps.

You can find in our showrooms bella casa chandelier with : 

(166 L , 84 L ,50 L ,36 L , 25 L , 20 L , 19 L , 16 L , 14 L , 10 L , 9 L)

And to make your space a complete art painting.

We offer you a wall lamp from Bella Casa, which is available with one lamp and two lamps.

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