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Ezdan Hotel – Doha

Ezdan Hotel, is one of the largest hotels in Doha, […]

Ezdan Hotel – Doha

Ezdan Hotel, is one of the largest hotels in Doha, it has accommodation, in addition to premium facilities which

include an Olympic size swimming pool, fully equipped health club and a selection of international restaurants. 

An agreement was made with Crystal Palace to supply  the needed chandeliers for the main places such as

lecture halls, conference halls, banquet hall, main entrance and lobby in addition to the 4 main entrances.

Ezdan Hotel – Doha

We have provided custom-designed chandeliers studded with pure crystal and unique chandeliers,

as the size of the chandelier installed in the banquet room reached 18 metres in length and 5 metres in width

and it contains 200,000 pieces of pure crystal..

This large dimension and large size was a great challenge for us and it was not easy, but after diligent and effective

planning and thanks to our distinguished crew effort, in record time and despite the challenges, we manufactured,

shipped by air, and installed one of the largest chandeliers that your eye can see. In just 50 days

Banquet Hall

The dilemma: 

After studies, it became clear to us that the existing ceiling cannot bear the weight of the chandelier,

and it may affect the safety of people if it is installed.

The solution:  

We have installed supporting materials for the existing ceiling made of steel and iron.

Meeting Room