Maria Theresa chandeliers 166 L


Clasical chandelier maria theresa collection with 166 led bulbs e14 with asfour crystal stones gold color diameter 250 cm and height 350 cm


Maria Theresa chandelier is a piece of art with a historical design and a shape that suits those with refined tastes

The spectacular Maria Theresa chandeliers are named after Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, who commissioned her royal artisans to make exquisite chandeliers for her private palaces. The chandelier stands out because it is made of fine crystal, has a sufficient number of lamps, and combines elegance and history.

The huge Maria Theresa chandelier contains 166 modern LED lights and is distinguished by its ancient historical design. The chandelier is also studded with very pure Asfour crystals.

Features :

  1. This Maria Theresa chandelier is suitable for all high-end hotels and palaces.

A 166-lamp chandelier appears to be appropriate for mosques and  halls, as well as fine restaurants,and hotels loppey .

  1. Maria Theresa chandeliers are precisely created and come in a variety of traditional and modern styles and colours, such as bright gold, gleaming silver, and antique, as well as different designs and hues.

  1. Each of our Maria Theresa chandeliers is handcrafted from the finest materials and studded with excellent Asfour crystals, each of which is sealed with a quality stamp for a genuine over 10-year guarantee.

 (Installation is provided at no cost by a professional team)

Additional information

Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 250 × 350 cm
Color Temperature

Daylight, Warm Light


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Maria Theresa chandeliers 166 L

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