Pendent modern chandelier 6-100d


Pendent modern chandelier oval shape with 6 led bulbs g9 with special crystal stones diameter 100 cm and height 100 cm


PENDANT MODERN CHANDELIER comes with a modern design, which adds an extraordinary touch of beauty and sophistication, in addition to being studded with pure Asfour crystal that glows and shines like diamonds, When you have it in any of your spaces, you will notice the difference and how it will attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

The Piano Modern chandelier contains 6 modern, energy-saving LED bulbs, It is also studded with special crystal stones, to add a touch of luxury and beauty to the place, it comes in Gold colour, Dimension “ 100 cm in diameter and 100 cm in height.

The Pendant Modern chandelier  is studded with distinctive crystal stones, This crystal stone is very beautiful and beautifies the shape of the light in the space it is installed in, and with 15 year warranty.

The Pendant Modern chandelier is handcrafted by a large group of our highly skilled, experienced craftsmen, with great attention to detail, It also comes in Gold  colour.

The 6 bulbs Pendant Modern chandelier  is ideal for Living rooms, Dining rooms, hallways, libraries, waiting rooms, salons, etc.

(Installation is provided at no cost by a professional team)


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 25 × 100 cm
Color Temperature

Daylight, Warm Light


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Pendent modern chandelier 6-100d

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