Empire Crystal Chandeliers

The original empire crystal chandelier was a lavish, beautifully crafted candelabra back in the day. Now, we’ve taken this classic design and brought it into the 21st century.
We’ve been talking a lot about crystal chandeliers here on the blog. To make things easier, we created a guide about them. The beauty of these designs is timeless and never goes out of style.

Is a crystal chandelier only for formal spaces? 

Some people think it’s only for fancy dining rooms, but in truth, what you need to worry about is the size. Today, they suit any space in need of a little glamour! The only thing to keep in mind when sizing is that an empire crystal chandelier is a little different from most. Because of the size of the basket and long neck you have some leeway. The important thing is that you get the right proportions. It should be neither too big nor too small- if it’s too big, it is over.

An empire chandelier creates the ideal foyer lighting statement piece. It’s a great way to introduce your decor, regardless of whether it’s classic or modern. Whether you’re looking for a big basket chandelier, a curved chandelier, or a swag light, we have the perfect fixture for your home!

Traditional Crystal Empire Chandeliers

This beautiful crystal chandelier is a true show-stopper. The traditional empire-style chandelier is a stunning piece that will dazzle your guests or just brighten up your home with its soft, elegant style. Regardless of which style is your favorite, the key elements of traditional chandeliers are the soft bag or basket; long strands of crystals, and intricate crystal trimming. Keeping with the original empire design some of the chandeliers have metal arms in either silver or gold. Lastly, the frame itself has either jeweled banding or an intricate design.

In this example, we’ve gone for a classic feel. The furnishings are simple and traditional, so the chandelier really stands out! A gorgeous empire chandelier is adorned with crystal banding and almond-shaped crystals to create the Windsor Royale pendant chandelier.

Modern Empire Style Chandeliers

Our brand new empire-inspired design has a modern twist. The sleek chrome frames and faux pearl beaded trimmings will help give your home the clean and luxurious look it needs.

Our empire basket chandeliers add the perfect modern elegance to master bedrooms, baths, and living rooms. The polished chrome frame and stunning trimmings make this a timeless piece of home decor.

Combine traditional and contemporary design elements to get the perfect look. For example, if the room is more traditional in style, try a modern crystal empire chandelier with a polished chrome frame.

Empire Style Ceiling Lights

Empire baskets are great for ceiling light designs, either traditional crystal flush mounts or modern crystal and beaded flush mounts. They’re ideal for spaces with low ceilings, like hallways, bedrooms, and half baths. The softness of the basket adds more dimension to your space.

In addition to our wide range of traditional ceiling lights, we have a variety of custom options to choose from. These dramatic fixtures are as large as wide and can be a great option for a large room with lower ceilings.

Check out our empire crystal chandelier selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our chandeliers shops.