Types Of Chandeliers

Do you have an idea about the types of chandeliers?

Chandeliers are not only considered a source of lighting, but have become an integral part of home decoration, and have become a major and indispensable part.

The principle of choosing a chandelier requires a lot of thought and coordination to reach the optimal choice of the place in which it will be placed.

Where did the word chandelier come from?

The fact that the word “chandelier” came to us from France, which in translation means “lamp”. And ceiling chandeliers are different in that they can have several centuries with lamps installed in them.

Classic Chandeliers

Classic Chandeliers:

Classical features are still the dominant feature on chandeliers and never go out of fashion.

Among the huge variety of models there are popular classic chandeliers, which are distinguished by interesting design solutions.

And they do not necessarily have to be located in rooms with a large area – for small rooms that are designed in classic elegant models will become a real highlight of the interior.

Classic chandeliers features:

1- Classic chandeliers lamps are made in the form of flowers and candles and have a regular geometric shape.

2-The choice of colour palette is limited to the most common are white, black, gold, silver, brown and beige.

3- Such chandeliers have a large weight, which means that their base must be strong, and it is preferable to make them of metal to be more powerful.

4- In addition, these chandeliers are made of expensive materials, so it gives the room’s ceiling a wonderful view.

5- Simplicity lovers will love these models, as they make innovative technologies in lighting devices more comfortable for the eye, despite their traditional character

Contemporary Chandeliers:

Contemporary chandeliers:

Modern decoration has become the most interesting topic in recent times, as modern decoration is not limited to furniture and home space only, but it also contains other factors, the most important of which is choosing the appropriate modern lighting that fits with modern decorations.

Lighting has a strong impact on the decor, as it adds a touch of beauty and elegance to the home, and modern lighting may fit greatly with modern decorations, as it complements the decor, as the shapes of chandeliers and lamps have become unique and very different from the usual patterns.

Contemporary lighting styles:

– Moderate lighting in every room from the house to the kitchen and bathroom, but the living room always has more accurate choices because we spend a long time in it, especially since he gets used to putting the TV in the living room, so the lighting must be appropriate to the size of the room so as not to affect the eye, as The living room is often the room in which we receive guests, so this room needs sufficient lights to reflect the feeling of radiance and joy to us.

– If the rooms of your house are spacious, then you have to choose between several forms of lighting, such as your choice of lamps for the ceiling and others for the walls of the rooms, and you can also choose lamps for the floor, and besides that it draws attention to the ceiling of the room. You can choose one of the designs of chandeliers manufactured from Crystal, it reflects an elegant look to the room’s décor

Modern Chandeliers:

Modern Chandeliers:

Choosing a modern chandelier is not difficult at all, there are many models that fit perfectly into any of the interior rooms, and the living room is the room used for many functions, so we need to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the room. Sometimes it seems that the hall is either empty or insufficiently equipped, as if the final touch is not done yet. And often the unavailable addition is lighting.

The basics of choosing modern chandeliers in the living room:

The beginning of this first question of the acceptance of excessive decoration of the lighting device.

Many people look at chandeliers that amaze with a number of sparkling objects and other decorative traps.

Yes, in many cases, this decoration is beautiful, disguised in the interior, and can decorate the place, but this is absolutely not acceptable.

Choosing a chandelier and room dimensions Modern lighting in the living room :

The most common option – the presence of a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. It can be suitable for a medium-sized square room with a ceiling height of about three meters.

But with this arrangement, the light is scattered in all directions.

For precise creation of illumination in all directions

And if your living room has very high ceilings, then you need hanging chandeliers to give more opportunity to illuminate the place evenly.

Thus we can say that the illumination in which many luminous elements are reduced is the best.

After identifying the types of chandeliers, we can say that all types have many internal and external details that make them distinct from others and have many uses and a different way to put them in the right place for them.

And you, after looking at the chandeliers, what do you prefer from the types of chandeliers?