THE HEART OF OUR  LIGHTING SYSTEMS. Completing 30 years since its establishment, Crystal Palace has established itself as one of the most trusted brands with a range of products that have been admired by customers all over the world. With its great ability to innovate continuously, Crystal Palace is taking […]

With winter coming, it’s time to start thinking about how to save energy with a few smart lighting tips. During the winter, commercial owners are often faced with an energy bill that is usually higher than usual. But, this winter, reduce your lighting costs by following these tips. For businesses, […]

Crystal Palace is one of the top lighting solution providers in the GCC, offering a wide range of lighting materials. Crystal Palace Trading was founded more than 35 years ago. Throughout this period, Crystal Palace was a popular destination for people searching for various lighting products and lighting solutions. Customers […]

Outdoor lighting enhances and transforms the outdoor landscape of a home. The resulting shades can give your house a majestic and magical appearance, like a castle in the middle of an enchanted forest. While indoor lighting can make your home appear to be something out of a storybook, outdoor lighting […]

Lighting illumination We can feel its brightness with the naked eye. We can write the bright light in the form of radiation of heat energy in the form of electromagnetic waves propagating in a vacuum. The electromagnetic field goes through several stages to reach the desired colour: Violet, blue, indigo, […]

Crystal palace has been a partner of fumagalli for many years. During these years, Fumagalli company worked to supply us with the latest models and types of outdoor lighting.  Meanwhile, we move with Fumagalli to the next level, a brand new fully-solar outdoor lighting products. The product’s capabilities and features […]