Case Study: A Chandelier Light Splash

In January 2022, three bespoke crystal huge chandeliers were placed in the centre of the Vella ceiling in Qatar, coupled with a large Maria Theresa-style chandelier.

The Concept and the Brief

The client demanded that the lights be installed within 24 hours of the agreement’s signing and that the space function as a comfortable 21st-century family home. Each space had its own design, which was investigated and many ideas debated until, in the end, all of the living rooms had a spatial layout that flowed throughout the structure and connected everything together effortlessly. Architectural and decorative lighting were important aspects in tying the ancient and new parts of the building together.

Following a review of the various classical chandeliers from the CrystalPalace catalogue, a design for three pendant chandeliers fittings for the Large living rooms was settled upon.

The design was deemed to be the most exact functioning representation of the crystal Maria Theresa chandeliers, and it was modified into a detailed plan for accurate chandelier fitting after formal clearance


Crystal Palace’s designers collaborated with traditional craftspeople to build a massive scalable design that could be manufactured in three different sizes: 3.5 metres, 2 metres, and 150 centimetres.

Each chandelier was hand-picked and installed, and it was constructed of Asfour crystal with a silver finish.

Delivery was made within 24 hours.

A team of skilled fitters constructed and fitted each chandelier on-site. Because of the personalised nature of the design, each installation was one-of-a-kind.

Luminous layers

The utilisation of many layers of light to highlight the richness of the finishes and provide interest to the room. The ability to change the light level of each layer of light allows for a wide range of moods. Each room has a welcoming, lived-in, and warm feel to it.

Crystal Palace was comprehensive, intelligent, and intuitive in coming up with fantastic designs from start to finish, and was very professional and prompt throughout the lighting installation.