Decorative lighting in interior design 

If you think that Decorative lighting is one of the most important things you need to think about when designing your interior spaces, You are definitely right!

And here is why Decorative lighting is very important in interior design..

Firstly, Most people are satisfied with traditional lighting, and this is because from their point of view what matters is the purpose of lighting, which is to illuminate the place. What if they think of the aesthetics that one chandelier can make in their rooms! 

They will definitely change their minds.

And that’s what we’re going to do today, we’ll show how Decorative lighting can be very important to your space.

When we talk about decorative lighting, we are talking mainly about chandeliers and art pieces that spread light in spaces. The Chandelier is a light fixture hanging from the ceiling, and What distinguishes chandeliers is that there are 3 types of chandeliers, classic, modern and contemporary. When can you use any of these types?

Classic Chandelier

Classic Chandeliers:

The most places that need this type of chandeliers are the places that have a classic, ancient or luxurious character, such as mosques, universities, restaurants, and also when you use them at home, they will definitely be very attractive.

Modern Chandelier

Modern Chandeliers:

Modern chandeliers has a design that combines modernity and antiquity, if you installed one in your house, it will definitely be eye-catching, and you can place it in any space you want, when choosing the needed chandelier and matching it with the decor, you will feel as if the place is completely different for the better.

Contemporary Chandelier

Contemporary Chandeliers:

Contemporary Chandeliers, on the other hand, can be distinguished easily because their design is completely different, as they represent the present with a contemporary geometric design, remarkable and beautiful, you can use it in the dining room and most spaces as well.

Finally, chandeliers in general give you a great advantage, which is the availability of many, many designs and shapes that can be installed anywhere. When you decide to have one, all you have to do is choose one of any type and fit with the space placed in it.

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