Completing 30 years since its establishment, Crystal Palace has established itself as one of the most trusted brands with a range of products that have been admired by customers all over the world.

With its great ability to innovate continuously, Crystal Palace is taking the Middle East, represented by Qatar, the UAE, and recently Bahrain, for marketing. It is making strides towards providing value-added features to the lives and businesses of regional customers through its locally-friendly offering that includes a wide range of consumer lighting products, B2B, and daily life lighting solutions.

‘Considering customers as the basis of our work, we will continue to advance towards the future by constantly striving towards achieving our passion for a better life for a better world.’ CEO of Crystal Palace.

Our technology 

Light is a key feature in architecture. Centuries ago, the sun and fire were the only sources of illumination, but in today’s technology-driven world, artificial lighting and cutting-edge optical technologies have found ways to mimic the qualities of natural light, making it possible to have a naturally-lit-looking space within four walls.

Working with input from lighting designers and engineers, we have developed our product portfolio to meet the demanding technical requirements of today’s lighting specification market.

With a long history of lighting luxury residential developments and hotels, we know how to tune our LED technology to provide the right light for spaces.

At Crystal Palace, we have a wide range of integrated lighting options, including LED lights of various types, outdoor lighting lamps, and traditional and contemporary chandeliers. We create lighting projects for industrial facilities, businesses, and hotels, as well as lighting projects for private residences, palaces, and villas.


Every client receives a fully tailored approach, which is one of our main tenets. What you see is the lighting style. Both indoors and out, style produces the environment that you want to accomplish. We make sure that the style of our fixtures, as well as the illumination they provide, complement the architecture, interior design, and landscape of your Place. We take the time to make sure the style you choose makes you happy, whether the lights are on or off.


Given that many lighting fixtures are used in harsh locations, durability is essential. Our lighting systems are built to last for many years. For Example, Spotlights provide dependable service in any setting. Consider the following scenario:

high up in the trees

undersea lights

Swimming pools and waterfalls with fiber-optic lighting

high-up wall sconces or sill lights beneath the outer edge of stairs treads, and/or inside the bookshop  and artwork shelves surrounding chandeliers and in the gypsum


Functionality determines if fixtures and designs are most suited to accomplish the desired look, are within your budget, and are easy to use. Outdoor lights that are decorative can be adjusted as needed. Warmth and color are provided by our sophisticated interior lighting systems. Our entire system is based on economics. LEDs are a good choice since they deliver the color and brilliance you want.

Effectively and efficiently supplying facilities with lighting solutions is our passion. We offer a full line of lighting products from manufacturers you can depend on. Now we are waiting for your contact.