The Importance of Lighting to Your Customer’s Experience

Lighting is one of the first things people notice about your business. It can have a significant impact on how your business is perceived, as well as the safety of customers and employees. Things like color temperature, brightness, and placement of fixtures can be adjusted to create the perfect atmosphere for your commercial property. Light is the lifeblood of any space. Whether you’re an architect or a CEO, it’s critical that your commercial property is outfitted with the best lighting possible to provide the most clear and quality illumination. Luckily, there are modern brands of lighting fixtures that can help!

Safe and secure in public spaces 

Safety is paramount in public spaces. Clear lighting is an important part of safety and security in public spaces, like hallways and stairwells. This will help ensure that you are not liable for tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees or medical bills if someone gets injured on your property.

Lighting outside spaces is more important than you think! Not only does it give your business a classy exterior, it can help prevent crime and traffic accidents. When designing the lighting for your building, make sure to take into account the needs of your business, such as security cameras and parking lots.

Buying Behaviour

Clear lighting boosts your sales

Lighting is known to have a strong influence over a person’s mood. Studies have shown that bright, clear lighting can encourage productivity, openness, and receptivity. People, of course, want to be able to fully examine products and read labels. Good lighting inspires people to make practical purchase decisions and heightens awareness. Conversely, dimmer light can influence customers to shop at a slower pace and employees to feel less motivated and energized.

Commercial property owners can maximize their investment by strategically placing fixtures throughout their retail and office spaces. From an exterior point of view, a well-lit parking lot or garage will encourage customers to visit your property, while a dimly-lit one will keep them away.

Customer will come to you again 

With the right retail lighting, customers will feel at home and want to come back. This is especially true of commercial spaces, such as apartments and hotels, where good lighting can contribute to a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Customer Direction

Lighting can be used to guide your customers to specific products, or it can be used to highlight different parts of your commercial space. For example, a retail business may want to highlight certain products using bright, directional light. This way, customers will be drawn to those products and will be able to examine them more easily and read any relevant information on the labels or price tags. With the help of innovative lighting, commercial property owners can encourage people to spend time in certain spaces. Subtle accent lights can help capture customer attention in smaller spaces or more remote parts of the property.


Colour Temperature

When it comes to your brand’s lighting, colour temperature can play a considerable role in how customers perceive your company. For example, a retail clothing company may want understated lighting with dimmer hues for projecting specific images. Accent lights and other fixtures can be used to ensure customer safety while simultaneously promoting a calm environment.

On the other hand, you may want to use bright, clean LED lighting to present a minimalistic image for your brand. LEDs project a low temperature that allows products to appear as clear and unfiltered as possible. 3500K-4000K is a good range for commercial and office spaces to create a productive ambiance. 4000K-5000K is ideal for industrial lighting.


With the right lighting, you can create the atmosphere you want in any space. Brighter light will make your room appear larger, open, and clean. Strategically installed fixtures will also allow for maximum natural light to make your guests feel at home.

Lighting can also affect your circadian rhythm, which can either create a relaxing or energizing environment. Depending on what you need, lighting fixtures can be used to create either an energizing or relaxing environment. Circadian rhythms also affect the limbic system, which regulates feelings of happiness and other emotions.

Curb Appeal

A dark exterior can make your property seem neglected and unwelcoming. Good lighting levels can have a positive effect on the way people perceive your business. Make a great first impression with a modern space that looks inviting and welcoming!

Lighting can be used to accentuate your company’s name, showcase your logo, or invite people into your space. It can also be used to show support of a cause or local team, or in celebration of a holiday. These uses are sure to leave an impression on passersby.

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