What distinguishes Crystal Palace from others in the market

Crystal Palace is one of the top lighting solution providers in the GCC, offering a wide range of lighting materials. Crystal Palace Trading was founded more than 35 years ago. Throughout this period, Crystal Palace was a popular destination for people searching for various lighting products and lighting solutions. Customers are accustomed to the multitude of alternatives in each type, the styles and shapes vary in an astounding manner, and Crystal Palace was able to stay up with technological advancement.

The company’s focus was not limited to interior lighting only “chandeliers,” but it has great partnerships with a group of the best lighting product manufacturers in the world, Hamilton for switches and sockets, fumagalli for outdoor lighting products, and Regents LED Company, Crystal Palace Company is the exclusive and sole agent for these companies in the GCC.

In addition to everything mentioned above, Crystal Palace  is your ideal choice for the completion of large projects, and this particular part has unparalleled advantages such as

1- Fast and real time supply

2- Wide range of products

3- 2 years guarantee

4- Professional team.

Here is a clarification of each point:

  • Fast and real time supply:

When performing the project evaluation phase and knowing all the products and materials required, the company supplies the required materials quickly to complete the work as quickly as possible, even if there are products designed to order, you will never feel that there is a delay in delivery

  •  Wide range of products:

What distinguishes Crystal Palace from others is the availability of a very wide range of lighting and interior design products, in addition to providing custom design chandeliers and transforming any design in your mind into a real chandelier.

  • 2 years guarantee 

All Crystal Palace products are provided with a real two-year guarantee, in addition to a 15-year guarantee on Asfour Crystal.

  •  professional team.

Crystal Palace has a professional team specialised in design, maintenance and installation at the highest level.