Do Chandeliers Add Value to your Home?

Chandeliers are less common nowadays, but once upon a time they were dramatically popular, particularly among the world’s royalty. The history of the chandelier can be traced back several hundred years, to a time when they were little more than candles hanging from the rafters. Throughout Europe, master craftsmen worked to make chandeliers increasingly valuable and extravagant. They began working with glass, precious metals, and jewels, meaning chandeliers ultimately became an indicator of luxury, wealth, and status.

Chandeliers offer the most versatile source of light and because they come in a variety of designs and sizes, they can be accommodated to almost every budget or taste. These reasons are often overlooked though, so we’re listing the obvious reasons why people buy chandeliers.

Chandeliers make your house beautiful.

The chandelier is a work of art that any home would be proud to showcase. The shape, tone, curves, carvings, tubes, bulbs, and refraction create a sight that can’t be duplicated with other hanging or common lamps.

You may not realize it, but a chandelier is a centrepiece to any room, and it will almost never fail you. Guests will talk about your chandelier and how you’re able to reduce your other type of decoration by simply drawing attention to it.

Chandeliers are versatile.

The versatility of a chandelier is what makes it so amazing. In the past, only certain types of homes could really do it justice. In today’s modern world, there are plenty of styles that work for chandeliers. Sure, some styles might not be as traditional as others, but they’re still just as nice! This also means that almost all tastes can be accommodated.

If you have a modern-traditional hybrid home, the best option is to pick a colored crystal chandelier. For instance, if your house has a lot of dark colors, you might want to opt for red or black.

Contemporary trends in location. 

When it comes to location, chandeliers are no longer relegated to hallways or sitting rooms. Contemporary design and architecture have revolutionized assumptions, leaving you with ample room for experimentation in moods and atmospheres. A chandelier displayed over a dining table, or in the kitchen can make any room look amazing! The elegance and style projected by a hanging chandelier

 Finally, buy yourself a chandelier

A chandelier is a common home addition, but it can be expensive. Luckily, you can install one without breaking the bank, but don’t forget that the less you spend on your chandelier, the lower the value added to your home.

If you want a more expensive design, the retail scale can accommodate you. For a thousand dollars or more, you can buy a chandelier from a store. If you want to go even higher, though, you’ll need to find a specialist who will design and build bespoke chandeliers for you.

A chandelier is a piece of art that can transform the atmosphere of any room in your home. So why not have one in every room? From the living room to the kitchen, to even the bath, it’s never too early or too late to bring some glamour into your space.