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Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel stands out among Dubai hotels due to…

The Sheraton Hotel stands out among Dubai hotels due to its unique location, which connects to the famous Mall

of emirates and is only a short distance from Central Dubai, and the Dubai World Trade Centre. The hotel is more

than just a hotel with a private pool in Dubai; it also has infinity swimming pools on the 24th floor, from which you

can enjoy fantastic city views.

It has meeting and event spaces with natural light and a total area of 9000 square metres where the hotel has an

elegant external space distinguished by its Outdoor lighting with unique designs and multiple options suitable for

every outdoor space around the hotel, as well as swimming pools from the best international companies. 

In 2017, Crystal Palace Company worked to provide and install Outdoor landscape lighting for the Sheraton Hotel,

as well as to distinguish the front facade of the hotel with lighting chosen by specialised engineers with great

caution to suit the space and luxury of the hotel, forming an integrated external panel that shines beauty and

befitting every visitor to this luxurious place.

Sheraton Hotel

The installation was completed accurately over several days by a specialized team, and it was ensured that the

distribution of outdoor lighting was chosen in an engineering way appropriate to the environment and design of

the place, as the options varied, there are:

  • Outdoor posts complement the hotel’s front facade.
  • Outdoor lightings were elegantly hung in the wall as an integral part of it.
  • The hotel’s Outdoor lights between the pillars are distinguished by their soft light.
  • Outdoor landscapes around the trees create a luminous natural setting.
  • Outdoor lights around swimming pools provide excellent night lighting.
Sheraton Hotel

The outdoor lightings were chosen from the designs of the Italian company Fumagalli, which is distinguished by it

unique outdoor lights designs and the high quality of manufacturing of the composite materials, as well as the

highly responsive sensors to movement and the resin material that is resistant to rust and corrosion, giving each

lamp a very long lifespan, in addition to the elegant designs suitable for luxurious decor. Also, as some outdoor

lamps use a solar energy system, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly work system gives them a

competitive advantage over other outdoor lights.