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Radisson Blu Hotel – Doha

Radisson’s four-star hotel features an outdoor pool, spa, and over…

Radisson’s four-star hotel features an outdoor pool, spa, and over 19 restaurants located in the centre of Doha’s business district. The Radisson Blu Hotel is a half-hour drive from Hamad International Airport.

Radisson Blu Hotel

All 583 rooms and suites are equipped with high-end facilities and conveniences, ensuring a delightful stay in

Doha, whether on business or for pleasure. The spacious rooms at the Radisson Hotel include comfortable beds,

TV, and a pretty private bathroom, as well as a modern and refined decoration with Arab, Indian or Japanese


Radisson Blu Hotel

In 2016, all rooms in the Radisson Hotel were outfitted with light switches and sockets suitable for each room’s

unique design, made from the most delicate international sockets and switches from Crystal Palace Company, the

Middle East’s only partner of the British Hamilton Company for switches, sockets, and wires, with high quality and

multiple options in designs and materials, as well as intelligent control systems.

A specialised team of Crystal Palace interior designers supervises the selection of appropriate light switches and

sockets in their colours, materials, and designs for each room individually. The Radisson Hotel’s rooms are

decorated in a variety of styles, including executive rooms, standard rooms, luxury rooms with balconies,

bathrooms for each room or suite, and meeting rooms. Hamilton switches and sockets come in a variety of shapes

and designs to suit the environment in which they are installed.

Radisson Blu Hotel

There were many options for matching the colour of the wall paint by selecting a specialised switch material that

can be painted, or suitable for the type of manual light switch, or an intelligent control system that works with

phones, or the number of light switches based on the distribution of lighting in the rooms, and in order to provide

the highest degree of precision and quality, a specialised team studied all the parts, then chose the appropriate

switches and stocks.

Radisson Blu Hotel

Because they have been working in the sector for fifty years and continue to develop to suit the current world with

unique modern technology and techniques, the British International Hamilton Company’s products are of the

finest quality across the globe. As a result, Hamilton is regarded as Crystal Palace’s most vital partner in the

integrated lighting world.