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Al Azizia Palace – Qatar

In the year 2019, Crystal Palace Company completed the project […]

In the year 2019, Crystal Palace Company completed the project of supplying lighting
for Al-Azizia Palace in Al-Azizia district located in Al-Rayyan city in Qatar.

The requirements of the project was to supply the palaces with all indoor and
outdoor lighting products, which were :

1- Classical Maria Theresa chandeliers of different sizes and specially designed with additions requested from the customer, in addition to being studded with pure Asfour Crystal.

2- Classical Baccarat chandeliers with a special bronze design and pink roses.

3- Classical Wall lights specially made for the Palace lighting.

Regarding outdoor lighting, an outdoor lighting made of bronze was designed especially
and installed specifically in the palace.

The biggest challenge in this project was the installation of a large stairs chandelier
with a length of 5 metres and a diameter of 3 metres and a weight of 200 kilograms,

thanks to our distinguished and skilled team, we were able to install it in a amazing,
professional and safe way, and the other challenge was time, Time did not pose any
problem for us either. We completed the project in record time. 

In the end, the results were great and the customer was very satisfied.