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Twin Tower – Qatar

A deal between Crystal Palace Company and ArabTec Company – […]

A deal between Crystal Palace Company and ArabTec Company – Qatar was reached in 2017 to provide lighting for the towers.

Twins Tower is made up of two towers, each with fifty storeys, a dedicated parking area, and a unique set of business facilities including offices and head offices with a variety of restaurants, lounges, and halls that all have a very modern design.

We installed chandeliers  that were especially made for this project and the main entrance of the building. Considering the materials and colours used in the chandeliers, they had to be extraordinarily acceptable to the surrounding ecology and weather conditions.

The main challenge for us was the customer’s request for very special and distinctive materials, especially ones that would be appropriate for the climate in Qatar and make the chandelier simple to clean and maintain. We produced multiple samples using various types of materials, and after the customer carefully considered the options, he approved of one of the suggestions and was very pleased.