Karme classical chandelier-75



Classical chandelier karme collection with 15 led bulb e14 with special crystal stones and glass shade diameter 75 cm and height 90 cm


The classic Karme chandelier has a geometric shape that is distinguished by the distribution of crystals throughout its area, and it has a golden frame that gives the chandelier a unique luster, making it look like a diamond necklace studded with crystals and gilded, making it a luxurious addition to the home or hotel rooms.

The geometric shape of the classic chandelier Karme allows it to fit into a variety of geometric spaces.

The classic Karme chandelier has 15 LED bulbs E14 with unique pure and transparent crystal stones that dazzlingly reflect light with its golden color, dimensions of 75 cm in diameter and 90 cm in height, making it look like a pendant suitable for all rooms with low and medium ceilings as well as narrow spaces.

Feature : 

  1. The classic Karme chandelier is distinguished by its luxurious colors, ranging from gold to silver to any color you desire, with a wide range of Crystal Palace options available to our customers.

  1. The classic Karme chandelier’s small size of less than a meter makes it suitable for low ceilings and all rooms of the house and hotels.
  2. The chandelier’s crystals are inlaid with high-quality Asfour crystals, which increases the chandelier’s guarantee, luster, and transparency of light reflection.

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 (Installation is provided at no cost by a professional team)


Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 90 cm
Color Temperature

Daylight, Warm Light


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Karme classical chandelier-75

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