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6+3 Lamps , size : Φ680*400 MM
materil : Resin

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Deerhorn chandeliers with a modern design are considered the crystal chandeliers of the current era, with their beauty and distinctive designs. The Deer Horn chandelier is regarded as a one-of-a-kind piece that adds a unique charm to the surroundings, and it appears to be real antlers, as they are copies of Deer or Moose antlers.

 Deer Horn chandeliers are the chandeliers of the modern world.

Deer Horn Junyao chandelier is lightweight and sturdy, with six terminal bulbs and three central lamps, and is made of resin to prevent corrosion and rust. Its dimensions are 680 * 400 mm, and each deerhorn has been carefully crafted to look like natural antlers with its brown color. 


  1. Deer Horn chandeliers lamps are manufactured of a particular type of LED RL-LB2214-4W-2.7K, which has a power of 4 watts and a voltage of 220 – 240 volts, making it energy efficient having a long life of over 30000 hours. Designed to look like a genuine candle, with a gold or brown holder and brown paint to complement the chandelier’s overall hue
  2. These Deer Horn are painstakingly crafted to appear natural. Each antler is handcrafted from durable resin and is intended to be a painting. Every part of it, every line, and color is drawn and chosen to look precisely like a natural deer antler.
  3. The Deer Horn chandelier is distinguished by its size, and thus it was suitable for high ceilings and high domes, so we at Crystal Palace made different sizes of them to fit in homes and palaces, regardless of their roofs, as it is a suitable addition to modern and contemporary decor.

Professional delivery and installation team

Deer Horn chandeliers are the most contemporary chandelier style in our current days, and their graceful shape and attractive appearance provide a distinctive touch when hanging in the home.

 (Installation is provided at no cost by a professional team)


Additional information

Color Temperature

4000K (Cool White), Daylight


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Deer Horn-Junyao-6

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