TUV-CB certified SOLAR bollard with motion sensor and replaceable battery.

Made of shockproof resin material, UV-rays stabilized, rust and corrosion-free.

Available in different sizes with opal or colored reflector.

Solar module provided with switch to select the desired Kelvin temperature (3000K – 4000K – 6500K) and working mode (Summer-Winter-Sensor).

Insulation class III, protection rating IP55.

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Outdoor light from Fumagalli, powered by solar energy, a battery that lasts more than 12 hours, and many other features.

The outdoor lighting fixture is made by Fumagalli, the world’s leading outdoor lighting manufacturer. This light comes with a beautiful and simple design to suit all outdoor spaces and gardens, in addition to that it contains distinctive technical features such as having a motion sensor to control the lighting on and off.

The outdoor lighting unit from Fomgli is equipped with a LED bulb in 3 different Kelvin temperature  (3000 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, 6500 Kelvin) and the light comes with dimensions: 22 cm diameter and 33 cm length,

The outdoor light runs on solar energy and has a 12-hour battery life when charged to 100%.

The outdoor lighting unit has three of working modes, summer mode, which is to reduce the lighting during daytime, winter mode for lighting only dark places, and a motion sensor mode, which turns on the light when anyone approaches the place and turns it off when there is no one around.

The light comes with IP55 water and dust resistance and has been polished with an insulating material to protect it from damage, rust and tarnish. The light contains a replaceable battery that lasts more than 12 hours when fully charged. It is charged by pointing the top towards the sun which contains a solar cell.

The outdoor lighting unit is manufactured by the Italian company Fumagalli. The process of supply and installation is carried out by a specialised team of Crystal Palaces. All products come with a two-year warranty.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 33 cm