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Al Maqam Private Palace – Al Ain

Crystal Palace has always stood out by doing the biggest […]

Crystal Palace has always stood out by doing the biggest and most luxurious lighting projects. Crystal Palace Company’s well-known name did not come easily. Instead, it is the result of hard work and dedication over more than 30 years.

Photos and details regarding a recent collaboration between Crystal Palace and Al Maqam Palace are shown here.

Al Maqam Palace in Al Ain is a luxurious building to the extreme, as it is distinguished by its striking royal design, large area, and endless splendour.

Crystal Palace Company was selected to provide Al Maqam Palace with a variety of lighting items. When it comes to installing the lighting fixtures for this hotel, choosing Crystal Palace presents a significant difficulty due to the fact that they pay meticulous attention to detail and do not compromise in terms of look, shape, design, or function.

Crystal Palace Company has set up the court’s interior lighting, which includes chandeliers, wall lamps, and table lamps, as well as installing the control systems like sockets and switches, in addition to outdoor lighting made by the Italian company Fumagalli.